“Der Kaffee schmeckt aber überall auf der Welt gleich”

…sagt einer, der es wissen muss: Er heißt Winter und reist drei Monate im Jahr quer durch die Welt um Starbucks-Filialen zu besuchen. Darüber gibt es inzwischen eine Doku und er schreibt seine Erfahrungen auch ins Internet. Da findet sich folgende kleine Begebenheit in Berlin am 20. Juli:

Still, with the extra time, I was able to finally try a massage from a genuine German, at a beauty salon a hundred or so feet from the Starbucks. Unfortunately, the therapist did not speak much English, and the experience turned out to be more mentally challenging that I would have preferred, trying to communicate what I wanted. I just don’t know the words for a lot of body parts in German–perhaps I should have made a list. Even with a list, there is always the danger of using the wrong word for a body part and offending the therapist or even ending up in a German jail. Even though prostitution is legal in German, I suspect the rules have technicalities, and that masseuses wouldn’t be any more receptive to that kind of thing than in any other country. I decided I wouldn’t get any more massages unless the therapist spoke more English. (Winter’s World Tour 2009)

(bei SPON gefunden, da steht auch das Zitat in der Überschrift)

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